Roman Shades: The Choice for Every Home Wilmington NC
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Roman Shades: The Choice for Every Home

History records that during the all day events at the Coliseum in Rome, long fabric awnings were put on poles that extended into the stands to protect the people from the hot afternoon sun, and when not in use, they pleated back on themselves looking much like the roman shades today.

While roman shades have their place in history, they also have their place in the modern homes of today. Roman shades are versatile, practical, and fashionable. With an endless variety of fabric, texture, and color, they can be part of your home decor solution whatever your style.

The roman shade is designed using a flat piece of fabric that pulls up into a collection of wide pleats. When the shade is closed it lies down flat against the window.

Roman shades hung inside the window frame have a striking appearance, allowing the surrounding architrave, or molding, to be exposed.

A roman shade hung from the architrave allows the window frame and shutters to be seen when desired and gives added insulation on cold evenings.

What Fabric Should I Choose?


Fabric choice is very important when deciding where to hang these shades. For example, a roman shade made from sheer fabric is best used in areas where you want to have some light softly diffused, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

If the shades are hung in a bedroom or some other room where light needs to be restricted, it is important to purchase roman shades in an opaque or blackout material.

Another advantage of choosing roman shades is that they work well with bay windows, large windows and windows with several panes. To add character and charm to your window shade add draperies, a coordinating cornice or valance.

Whatever your style, you can find the perfect roman shade to compliment your look. Contact us here at Home Decor Solutions for a Free-In-Home consultation to see how you can add a touch of sophistication and beauty to your home. We are just one call, one click away.

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