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Energy Savings with Programmable Window Treatments

save energy bills

Why must it cost so much to keep our houses feeling like home? Energy costs are on the rise yet again, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration thinks that the jump in price this year will be especially unpleasant. Programming your window treatments to open and close on a timer can keep your home comfortable, and can cut costs and save energy.

Make Your Windows Work for You

An open window is an open invitation: the outside temperature comes in. Wilmington’s average nighttime temperature is about 73 degrees during the summer, so use that to your advantage: turn off your cooling system at night and leave the windows open.

Since window treatments are insulation barriers for your windows. When the sun rises (and with it the heat), close your windows and shut the window treatments to keep the cool air in. Maintain this plan and your energy costs will drop – as long as you keep your windows in good shape. (Heat will radiate through a poorly maintained window, even if the treatments are problem-free.)

Summer Advantage of Programmable Window Treatments

When you cover your windows, most of summer’s heat waves can’t enter.  You probably program your air conditioner to maintain a certain temperature, but when heat radiates through your windows, the air conditioner turns on and burns energy.  It’s easy to find out when the sun will rise and set, when the sun hits different rooms in your home, and how high the seasonal temperature will be. However, running home to draw the shades or open a window is unreasonable.

That’s why programmable window treatments can make life easier. Motorized curtains and blinds can be programmed to use heat sensors, light sensors, or timers –  knowing the right time to open and close your window coverings for optimum savings

Year-Round Energy Savings with Programmable Window Treatments

Having a timer or sensor close your blinds is more than just a summertime investment. Those same treatments are useful to save heating energy during the fall and winter as well.

A closed window blocks out everything except light, which radiates heat. In the chillier months, when you pull back the window treatments on your south-facing windows during the day, the sunlight will naturally heat your home. At night, close the treatments to reduce the chill coming from cold windows.

Programmable window treatments are a wise investment: the money spent will make up for itself in energy savings. You can control your window treatments with timers, heat and light sensors – even smartphone apps. You can be comfortable and save on energy costs the easy way –  with programmable window treatments.

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