Set the Mood with Colorful Window Coverings Wilmington NC
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Set The Mood With Colorful Window Coverings

Window coverings were born out of necessity. They are useful in keeping the elements out, providing privacy, and allowing air through the home.

Window treatments have come a long way. While still being a necessity, window coverings are also an important part of our home decor solution. Window treatments can help set the mood in the home especially when color is used.

When thinking about decorating or redesigning using colorful window coverings, it is important to be aware of the effect of color on our mood.

Color stimulates our feelings, can change our moods and how we interact with each other. The right color or combo of colors can attract just the right attention or reflect how we feel about our surroundings.

The color red used in the living room can elicit excitement, stimulate conversation, and draw people together.

The color blue is calming, peaceful, and is a good choice for the bedroom where we go to rest and recharge.

Yellow is the color of sunshine and is used to make a kitchen or dining room feel warm, inviting, and larger.

Window treatments in a neutral color can create a backdrop for creativity of brighter and bolder colors used on the walls.

Window treatment companies like Hunter Douglas have a wide selection of colors, fabrics, and styles of window treatments to choose from.

One new item featured by Hunter Douglas is Pirouette window shades offered in colors of Terra cotta, Soft Periwinkle, and Antique Brass. The Pirouette window shade is described as a “classic fabric shade with an innovative ability to control light.”

Levelor offers Accordia cellular shade with light filtering, blackout, and energy shield features. The Accordia cellular shade is available in various styles and popular designer colors, as Dijon, Sangria, and Lavender.

Color is a personal matter and should reflect what suits you and your family.  Here at Home Decor Solutions we can help you find just the right style and color of window treatment for your home and lifestyle. We are just one call, one click away.

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