Should I Use Curtains for Sliding Doors? Wilmington, NC
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Should I Use Curtains for Sliding Doors?



Sliding glass doors seamlessly integrate the indoors with the outdoors. Their large panes of glass and sleek modern designs can bring a lot to natural light into a space, as well as provide a convenient entrance into and out of the house.

While it may seem like an arduous task, installing curtains or drapes for your sliding glass door shouldn’t be a task you avoid. Here are a few reasons why installing curtains on your sliding doors is a good idea.

Provide Much Needed Privacy

While sliding glass doors are amazing for helping bring the outside in, they also provide very little privacy. In the evenings, when you’re inside enjoying the night with the lights on in your house, sliding glass doors can make you feel like you’re in a fish bowl. Installing curtains or drapes will help provide privacy when you need it most.

This doesn’t mean you have to install heavy drapes, though. Depending on your space and your design, even sheer or semi-sheer curtains offer a higher level of privacy than the unadorned sliding door. You’ll be able control the level of privacy you have based on the type of curtain or drape you install.

Control the Airflow and Light Levels

Curtains aren’t just for aesthetics, but rather, they provide functional roles too. In the winter, sliding glass doors, even the most energy-efficient ones, can let in a lot of cold air. Closed curtains can help keep that cold air from getting into your nice warm house. Alternatively, if you’re in the heat of summer, those same curtains can help keep the air conditioning in, and the hot, humid air out.

In the same vein, if it’s a perfect spring or summer day and you have your doors open to let in some air, curtains can help control the amount of air flow into your house. They’ll provide a soft barrier for those strong gusts. Curtains also help control the light levels in your house. If the sun is blazing in, curtains can help diffuse the light and provide a nice soft light into your space. 

Complete the Design

Besides providing the functionality of privacy, airflow and light levels, curtains and drapes for your sliding doors do add to the aesthetic of the room. Bare walls and bare sliding glass doors can leave the space feeling naked and unfinished. The size of sliding doors can be a formidable sight in a room, but balancing them out with your choice of curtains or drapes will help minimize their size while helping you pull the room together.

If your sliding glass doors are in or near a corner, installing an L-shaped curtain can help make that corner less of a wasted space and more of a thought-out component of the design. Working with the sliding glass doors and incorporating them into part of your interior design will help give the room a polished and finished look.

Sliding glass doors are a great addition to a room, but installing curtains or drapes on those doors will provide both function and form to your space. If you’re interested in what your options are for outfitting your sliding glass doors with curtains, contact Drapery Designs of Wilmington for a free in-home consultation.

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