Simple Tips for Bedroom Closet Organization Wilmington NC
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Simple Tips for Bedroom Closet Organization

Have you ever said of your bedroom closet, “I can’t find anything”?

Searching for your favorite sweater or those comfy slippers can be a challenge if your closet space has become an over-stuffed, unorganized area. There never seems to be enough room in our closets, whether we have a walk-in or reach-in closet design. Here are some helpful tips and workable ideas to maximize the space you have.

Get the Most of Your Closet

Robin Stephens, a professional organizer, has a philosophy, “Want what you have. You have to be clear on what your values are and what you truly want!” This highlights the first tip in getting organized, decide what stays and what goes.

It has been said we wear 20% of what we own, 80% of the time. Take time to go through your closet and sell, donate, or give away any unused or unneeded items.

Next, it is important to decide what would meet your needs in organizing your closet according to your lifestyle. This has to do with designing a space that will allow everything to have a place.

Companies such as ClosetMaid have innovative, affordable, ready-made and custom-built closet design systems that offer workable and helpful solutions.

ClosetMaid offers wire shelving and wire drawer systems in colors such as White, Satin, Chrome and Nickel. They also have a Wood/Laminate product that is ready-made, or can be custom designed according to your decor and personal needs.

These closet systems are available in colors such as, Warm Cognac, Cherry, and Espresso.

Custom-built closet organizers provide space for shirts, skirts, and pants to be hung neatly, color coordinated, easy to see and find.

Shelves and cubicles designed to specific sizes help keep shoes, sweaters, and accessories such as ties, belts, and jewelry within reach and in order.

Closet organizers can be simple to elaborate, offering a variety in price, color, and design. For real life solutions to your organization needs, reach us here at Home Decor Solutions for a Free-In-Home consultation. We are just one call, one click away!

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