How To Clean Your Closet for Wilmington, NC Weather
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Spring Cleaning Series: Cleaning Your Closet

How to Clean Your Closet for Wilmington, NC Weather

The weather is getting increasingly warmer in Wilmington, NC, and that means it’s time to spend a little bit of time going through the contents of your closet! The contents of the closet fall into three main categories: will use now, might need later, and usefulness expired. In this post, we’ll discuss how to clean your closet for Wilmington, NC weather.

how to clean your closet for Wilmington, NC weather

How to Handle Volume

Dump your entire closet. Do it. If a friend is needed for moral support, get one who is a good judge of style. If a bottle of wine is needed for further encouragement, so be it. Seeing exactly how much clothing needs to be dealt with provides motivation for finishing the task. Some clothing will continue to be used, some will be stored, some will be moved on to a better life, some will be put out of its misery. Second-guessing decisions already made will happen less frequently when an item of clothing can be seen in the context of the rest.

Cleaning the closet should involve a literal cleaning. Wipe down the poles, doors, insides of drawers, shelves, and walls, and then dust the crevices and vacuum the floor thoroughly. Give the “keep” clothing a proper home. If you have a strong desire to reorganize clothing storage, write down the ideas and save them for another day since this will slow the process.

Sorting Through the Current Contents

The bulk of closet cleaning time unintentionally gets allocated to mourning the loss of good clothing. Remember that the goal of spring cleaning is to make space for the clothes you’ll soon need, not to get rid of all winter-related items (remember, you’ll need them again when the temperature drops!). Check how much space you have to store your winter clothing, and if it can be stored, store it. Winter’s next arrival will be the time to make a decision about getting rid of something, and realizing that you already have some items you would have bought come winter time will keep your winter clothing budget low.

Make a pile of clothing to be stored since it will need to be washed. Put the clothing that will continue to be used back in the closet where it was before. Items to be tossed should be immediately tossed. Items for giving away should be put in a separate pile and can be washed later for giving away. Some items will show their age by style or wear, which will make dispensing of them easier. Keep a light jacket and a couple of sweaters available should a spring breeze puts a slight chill in the evening.

Clean all clothing before storing. Dirt, skin products, and body oils leave residue that bugs feed on and can cause staining. Be sure they are completely dry before storing. Store them in plastic bags before boxing them. The storage area should be an area that remains relatively quiet, dry, and clean, which eliminates the garage and most basements. Come winter, dust on the boxes should be the biggest issue to deal with.

Get a Head Start on a Clean Closet for Next Year’s Weather

A closet brimming with attire will be less daunting when obvious expulsions can be made ahead of time. If something is taken out and will not be worn again, toss it immediately. If something will be kept for sure, hang it on one side of the closet. If something needs to be given away, hang it on the other side. Decisions made ahead of time save time. Making this a year-round practice tremendously lightens the load come springtime.

The beast that is the closet can be conquered when the process is kept simple and organized. Get everything out onto the open floor and judge relentlessly. Keep at it until the floor and bed become visible and usable again. Maintain the fruits of your labor by keeping the closet as organized and clutter-free as possible throughout the year. Fear not the closet, for the end will justify the effort.

If you decide that your closet just isn’t working out for you anymore, give us a call, and one of our knowledgeable consultants will help you design a closet system that fits your every need.

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