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Shake it Up! Update Your Decor with the Latest Summer Trends


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Far be it from us to tell you what’s “out” this summer in home decor. Frankly, we feel that whether it’s an olive green crushed velvet sofa or burlap curtains – whatever YOU love for your home is what you should have. But if you’re looking for something fresh and fun and oh-so in, we have 5 suggestions for quick home decor updates. We think you’ll love them too! So read on and find out what’s “then” and “in!”


Then: Gallery walls… in every room. Of course, family photos look amazing on your walls in a styled gallery hanging. But does every room in your home feature a gallery of matching frames? Maybe this look is just a bit tired at your place and you want to update the look. What should you try?

In: HUGE art.  The bigger, the better. Some homes feature floor-to-ceiling canvas prints in bright colors and bold patterns. You may prefer to go with something more subtle, but either way, a large piece of art makes a great statement in your home.

Accent Pieces

Then: Mason jar vases. Sure, it’s cute to display flowers in a few canning jars. We think the trend was definitely charming. But it’s been around for a few years, and unless the jars really are vintage (or have special sentimental value to you), isn’t it time to move on to something that makes a splash?

In: Handmade vases by local artists. Whether you love the look of ceramic, blown glass, hand-painted, or other varieties, an artisanal vase is something truly special – and something you can be proud to display at home. Besides the joy of displaying it, you’ll have a great time shopping for it as well! Get to know your local artists in Wilmington and support them!


Then: Neutral tones. Calming and simple, it’s easy to see why neutral tones reign in upholstery and other decor fabrics. However, it’s also easy to see why neutrals get a little bit boring. Are you ready for something more exciting?

In:  Mix and match patterns and prints. Maybe you’ve always thought that you need to stick with either/or. Not anymore! Designers agree that the unexpected mix of patterns and prints can be a great look for your home. Best of all, updating pillows and window treatments in your Wilmington home can be easy and affordable. What look can you dream up?


Then: Matching lamps. Sure, placing matching lamps in your room is a safe option. But maybe the look of your lighting is a little bland, or it needs some updating. What look can you go with that is fresh and fun?

In: Funky, industrial lighting. Industrial decor is definitely a fresh look for your home. One of the easiest ways to incorporate it is in lamps and other light fixtures. Whether you like the look of vintage bulbs, copper or black iron hardware, industrial-look lighting is sure to catch your eye.


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