The Top Window Trend 2016 Wilmington NC
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The Top Window Trend for 2016

window trend 2016 wilmington nc

We can all look back on trends and fads that probably shouldn’t have existed. MC Hammer pants, acid wash jeans, and leg warmers are among those (however, they seem to be making a comeback much to the chagrin of the older generations). While the window treatment industry may not have the same passing fads as fashion, there is one specific trend we’re particularly excited for in the 2016. The top trend for 2016 in window treatments is classy and sophisticated – window treatment layering.

What is Window Layering?

Layering window treatments is just as it sounds – layering different window treatments on top of each other to create a unique window solution. A valance on top of a set of drapes or blinds set behind sheer curtains is each examples of window layering.

Window treatment layering creates dimension and depth in your space, while also providing a lot of functionality in their space.

How to Layer

According to top DIYer, Jenna Burger, of, each layer has a specific purpose. As you consider each layer for your space, keep the layer’s function in mind. The first layer of your window treatments is for aesthetics and the second layer is for privacy.

For the aesthetic layer, consider the look you want to create in your space, rather than the treatment’s function. Stationary long drapes and roman shades are a great option here. The purpose of these isn’t to span the full window, but rather hang along the sides of the window. This layer certainly adds more beauty to the homes of Wilmington, NC!

The second layer is when privacy and light control are considered. Think of it as the functional layer. What function do you want your window treatment to achieve? If you’d like to control the light, privacy, or temperature of your rooms, the second layer is important. Great options for the second layer are black out blinds, functional roman shades (that can be pulled down), wooden shades and roller shades.

If you’d like, you can add a third layer, which will add even more depth and dimension to your space. This third layer would be made of sheer curtains that hang between the two layers. Think of this layer as a semi-private layer – it won’t completely block out light, but it will soften the outdoor light when pulled and create a little privacy from the outside.

When considering layered window treatments, think of your aesthetics and functional requirements, and then decide which options work best for your space.

Reasons to Window Layer

As mentioned above, each window layer serves a specific purpose. Using each layer for its purpose will help you not only achieve the look you’re after, but also provide the functionality you want. Here are some other reasons why window treatment layering is a great solution for your house:

  • Insulation & Temperature Control
  • Light Control
  • Privacy
  • Furniture Fade Prevention

While window layering may be a top trend for 2016, it is here to stay. The look is modern, sophisticated, and yes, trendy. If you’re wondering whether window layering is the right solution for your space, Window Coverings of Wilmington can help. Call today for a free in-home consultation.

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