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What Works For Wilmington Windows: Tiny Homes

blinds for tiny houses

For curtains that look great in your Wilmington home, there are general rules: place them two to four inches from the ceiling, less than an inch from the floor, and covering a portion of the wall space around the window. Do you know which of those rules pre-made curtains follow? Usually none. Drapes are hard to find for a full-size home, but a tiny home? The challenge rises to a whole new level. Here are some principles for finding window treatments for tiny homes.

Tiny Homes Need Custom Drapes

Custom drapes have huge advantages. The fabric selection is endless, they fit the window both in height and width, they will be lined properly, and they have a unique look. The stitching doesn’t scream “I was made by a machine.” The details stand out and add visual character. Best of all, they are made just how you want them.

Tiny homes especially need window treatments that fit right. The seven- and eight-foot readymade curtains in stores will make your tiny home feel like a dressing room. Custom window treatments don’t have those hang-ups.

A Tiny Home Needs a Professional Touch

Custom window treatments aren’t just about what fits – they’re about what works. Your blinds or curtains need to be functional, easy to use, and should make your house feel like home. They have different purposes depending on where they hang – from blackout drapes for a good night’s sleep to pinch pleat drapes for a comfortable and secure feel.

Tiny homes need the help of a pro. Smaller spaces usually need special attention. Simply opening and closing a window covering can be hard if the curtain doesn’t fit the space. A professional consultant can help you plan the best type of treatment for your windows according to size, space, and efficiency.

Popular Options for Tiny Home Windows

We’ve written quite a bit about energy savings, eco-friendliness, and safety of your window treatments. The more we can conserve resources, the better. That’s true of natural resources and the environment as well as our hard-earned personal resources. But most of all, we want to look out for our health.

Some simple rules to follow are: Keep the window treatments simple. Avoid layering the window treatments if possible, since it will bulk up the look of a space. For a cohesive look, all window treatments in a single room should be the same.

Cellular shades can be made in small sizes, so they’re perfect for small spaces. They provide complete privacy, insulation, and highlight your home’s details. Tiny homes have a very small environmental footprint and bamboo shades contribute to that cause. Bamboo shades are a great option since they’re made from a renewable resource that grows quickly and needs fewer pesticides and less processing than many other crops. Bamboo is also 100 percent biodegradable.

Whether your house is tiny or not, you can still make it your home. Get in touch with use here at Home Décor Solutions today so we can help you complete your tiny home’s look.
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