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How to Use Jewel Tones without Overpowering

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“We moved into our new home. Everything was pristine and fresh, but something felt off. As I unpacked and settled in I realized what was bugging me: the house was bland and monotonous. The carpet was a dark beige, the walls were lighter beige, the kitchen and bathroom tile were also just variations of beige. I was living in the world’s most boring house! I needed color!”

Are you also stuck in a home that’s just a little too vanilla?

Many homeowners have decided that what their overly neutral homes need is a flash of the beautiful jewel tone trend. The regal, lush tones are so appealing, but you can overdo it.  Since you don’t want to go too far, you’re going to need a good plan.

Here are two great strategies:

  1. Add color with accessories
  2. Go bold with a feature piece

So pick a jewel tone you love … but don’t go crazy with it! By sticking to these two strategies, you can bring the jewel tone trend to your home without overpowering.

Accessorize with Jewel Tones

Pick your theme color (be it plum, sapphire, or ruby), and use tone-on-tone colors to harmonize your room. Not every piece must match exactly. Use the brightest colors in smallest amounts. Accessories are the perfect way to add your favorite jewel tone. You could choose bold throw pillows in dark royal teal, a few of a lighter turquoise, and finish the look off with a neutral throw. A large painting can incorporate shades of teal —  just a bit less bold. A throw rug of cream and turquoise, and new soft beige drapes, boldly striped with another pop of dark royal teal add that final burst of color that ties everything together.

Create a Feature Piece

Want to go for a bolder look? Mute the accessories and make a statement! Dramatic drapes or shades, with or without a pattern will delight everyone lucky enough to be in your room. Using brilliant jewel tones in your main furniture is – well, a stroke of brilliance!! Accent walls are a great way to feature your favorite jewel tone. It adds that much needed dash of color without going too far.

Jewel Tones: Too Much?

Important Tip: Balance is the key. Take a lesson from all that beige. Too much of even a good thing is still too much. Neutrals like white, gray and beige are necessary to create the backdrop or counterbalance for your color. You see it in nature; bright green trees are equally offset by grey-brown trunks and branches. Gorgeous skies are a beautiful combination of azure blue and puffy, white clouds. So keep balance as you use your jeweled colors.
Are you ready to go bold with the jewel tone trend? We would love to help you perfect the look! We have bold drapes, blinds, and shades in jewel tones … in virtually any color you could ever want. Give us a call, or stop by to discuss your needs.   

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