Going Green: Bamboo Window Coverings Wilmington NC
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Using Organic Materials for Window Coverings: Bamboo

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Do you want to make your Wilmington, NC home more eco-friendly? Are you curious how to add bamboo window treatments into the picture? In this article, we’ll discover the basics of bamboo, and the benefits of adding bamboo window coverings to your Wilmington, NC home.

What makes bamboo organic?

Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing grass because of its dense root system. It replants itself after harvest, making it a sustainable resource. Its regrowth negates the need for fertilizers. Bamboo’s root system also prevents soil erosion, contributing to its own environment. Grasses don’t usually require pesticides or other chemical treatments, and bamboo is no exception. Bamboo reaches harvesting maturity after only four years, which is exceptionally faster than other soft woods. A bamboo grove is said to release 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees, helping clean the air.

What makes bamboo products organic?

Bamboo products are 100% biodegradable even if the bamboo is processed inorganically. Products made of chemically processed bamboo still contain true bamboo, not a chemically created substance with bamboo as an ingredient. The bamboo within a product doesn’t usually lose its organic characteristics, but other applied substances may have an effect on you.

Bamboo linen is the most organic fabric produced from bamboo, made by crushing the stalks and letting its natural enzymes break down the plant so the natural fibers can be extracted for spinning. The linen form can be difficult to find because of the labor and cost involved. Its feel and hand are comparable to silk.

Bamboo rayon is less natural, requiring caustic soda to break down the shoots and leaves before the resulting concoction is strained into an acid bath for hardening and then spun into yarn. The process is known to have negative health effects on workers and can affect those with chemical sensitivities.

Bamboo wood and grass products are dried before the final product is manufactured. Sometimes the bamboo will be boiled for darkening before being dried. Chemicals are sometimes applied to preserve their look despite their naturally long shelf life.

What are the benefits of buying organic window coverings made from bamboo?

Bamboo is a fantastic contributor to good air quality. Its anti-bacterial properties deodorize the air and it is hypoallergenic. Blinds made of pressed woods and drapes treated with chemicals can release harmful gases into the air, causing respiratory problems. Products that are made of or that contain bamboo, such as rods in Roman shades or matchstick bamboo blinds, may be treated chemically to provide the typical luster expected from most commercial wood products, but a question or two for the manufacturer can clear up most concerns.

Bamboo’s structure is ideal for temperature regulation. Bamboo handles moisture very well and is the most breathable of standard window covering textiles, whether in wood, grass, or cloth form. Some weather reports provide an actual temperature as well as a “feels like” temperature due to humidity; bamboo does a great job of keeping those two temperatures the same.

The wood and grass forms of bamboo are very durable, but especially noteworthy is the fabric form’s durability despite its softness. Longer fibers mean more strength, making bamboo cloth naturally more wrinkle resistant than other fabrics and giving it a nice drape.

Bamboo is being used more and more for window coverings, ranging from the comfortable and casual to the more elegant. The negative effects of added chemicals do not weaken the attributes of bamboo although they can have an effect on the consumer. Finding out how a product’s bamboo was processed can go a long way towards making sure your organic purchase will benefit your health the way you expect it to.

If you are looking for bamboo window treatments in Wilmington, NC, we are your specialists! Take a look at our portfolio, then give us a call!

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