Going Green: Cotton Window Coverings Wilmington NC
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Using Organic Materials for Window Coverings: Cotton


What makes cotton organic?

Cotton ranks among the high-maintenance textiles. Pests and weeds are prime enemies of the cotton boll, and fertilizers are needed to sustain their growth.

Organic growing methods are being practiced in some areas, but much of what you find in department stores is chemically processed to ease fiber production and chemically finished to prevent shrinkage and wrinkling.

Cotton starts from a plant, and the less chemically-invasive the textile-making process is, the more organic it remains.

What makes cotton products organic?

Organic cotton farming focuses on cooperation with weeds and pests, addressing problems before they begin. Harvesting cotton by hand prevents damage to the crops and results in less waste. The absence of chemicals protects the purity of cottonseed oil extracted for food. Anything added during the manufacturing process to spin, size, bleach, color, or print is biodegradable and non-toxic.

What are the benefits of buying window coverings made of organic cotton?

Cotton fabric’s strengths maintain its position in the textile industry. The fabric breathes well, meaning it will release odors better than other fabrics when washed, but also prevents odors from clinging to the fabric in the first place, meaning less washing is necessary.

It is durable enough to be used in work clothes yet breathable enough for window treatments. Cotton can also stretch without losing its shape, making the large cuts of cloth hanging in your window and being blown about by the Wilmington, NC breezes less likely to need replacing.


Cotton’s usefulness has been well-known for a long time. One major department store has grown in popularity among the organically-minded because of being a major buyer of organic cotton. Window fabrics frequently contain cotton, and if cotton is your preferred choice of fabric, going with organically process cotton can contribute to a healthier home.

There are many different window coverings that utilize cotton and will look wonderful in your Wilmington, NC home!

How will you use cotton window coverings in your Wilmington, NC home? The choice is up to you!

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