Motorized Window Treatments for Your Wilmington NC Home
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Utilizing High Tech for Spectacular Window Treatments

motorized window treatment wilmington nc

The speed of life occasionally distracts from basic home security and conservation measures – setting the alarm, locking a door, turning off a light.

Smartphone apps help secure your home at the touch of your screen, allowing you to protect and care for your home from a distance. Timer switches and motion sensors aid us both in energy savings and general home security. Home security companies use phone and messaging services to alert you to unexpected activity based on your security settings.

The convenience and practicality of home automation offers peace of mind – you can spend your day worrying about the challenge in front of you instead of worrying if someone is taking advantage of your unintentional oversight. So how do you know which motorized window treatment is right for your Wilmington, NC home?

A Practical Investment for Your Family

High tech window systems and their ease of use contribute to that peace of mind while simplifying the functionality of your home. High windows and their heavy drapery can be handled effortlessly. Hard-wired treatments often have switches that can be installed on the wall next to a light switch to blend in with the room’s environment.

Sun sensors keep your home energy efficient and properly regulated by shutting window coverings when sunlight reaches a certain strength.

Timers can be programmed to open and close treatments while you’re away so that the house seems occupied.

Automation eliminates the dangers and challenges of corded systems. Families with and businesses caring for small children should especially be interested in these systems since cords present a tremendous safety hazard. These may also be practical in homes of persons with physical limitations since drawing curtains and twisting blind slats open and closed can tax wrists, hands, and elbows; for those who are physically able, tugging on the cord to get the blinds to the desired height can also tax patience.

Installation Options for Motorized Window Treatment Systems

High tech window systems power aesthetic components of your home while maintaining their visual appearance. In-wall wiring and hidden motors keep your home automated without looking mechanical. Window systems can be either manually operated with control panels, wall switches, remotes, and your mobile device, or can be operated by pre-programmed timers and sensors that respond to the present circumstances.

Motorized window treatment systems can run on either AC or DC current. AC comes from power line wiring and can be fed off of electrical outlets, making it a good current for larger, heavier window treatments. DC motors, which are generally battery dependent, are more than enough for smaller windows with lighter treatments.

Certain window treatment motors hang inside the window frame, so check with local Wilmington, NC building standards as to whether or not wiring through the window header is allowed; if not allowed, a battery-powered motor may be best if the window is small enough and the treatment is light enough. AC motors’ inability to run on low-voltage make them a good choice when deciding between AC and DC becomes difficult, while DC motors can later be hard-wired to a high-voltage system using a transformer.

Home-running architecture for wiring is recommended for consistent performance. Battery-operated systems might be best avoided for use with high windows since the batteries are in the motor, making them a chore to change, along with the potential lack of necessary power to handle the weight of larger treatments.

Motorized curtain rods and their motors designed for different folding styles hide as neatly as traditional rods. Blind and shade pulleys are neatly tucked away behind headrails, and the same can be said for the tube that contains the motor for their technological counterparts.

Wiring fished through walls keeps your home free of unsightly cords and cables, and in the cases where a plug-in system is preferred, most standard windows have outlets nearby. Automated window controls can be connected to home automation systems and controlled from mobile devices. Window controls regulated by low-key solar sensors can be preset to respond to a certain strength of light.

Brand Names for Window Treatment Motors

Somfy has been in the business for more than 40 years. All of their products are tested for fire, electrical, and mechanical safety and for sound quality, heat, climate, and water and oxidation resistance. They have produced more than 110 million motors since 1980, have 270 million users worldwide, and currently produce 70,000 motors on a daily basis. Their motors are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Hunter Douglas uses PowerView motorizations, a system that adjusts automatically to scheduled settings or can be manually controlled via remote or mobile app. Settings can be calculated using local sunrise and sunset times obtained through the system’s knowledge of your specific location. PowerView works with the Logitech Harmony Home platform as well.

Having trouble deciding which motorized window covering option will work best for you and your Wilmington, NC home? Contact the experts here at Home Decor Solutions! We are one click, one call away, ready to help you decide what will truly transform your Wilmington house into your home sweet home.

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