What Are Door Glass Blinds and Shades? Wilmington NC
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What Are Door Glass Blinds and Shades?

The Home Decor Question: What are door glass blinds and shades?

The Home Decor Answer: They are blinds and shades put inside the door glass. In other words, blinds or shades between two glass panels.

Why They are a Great Fit for Your Family

This is a window treatment that is gaining popularity for several reasons. It is a great idea! It is practical, low maintenance, and allergen free. The blinds are protected against dust, kids, and pets. There is no cleaning of the blinds and no cords to damage. It is a great idea!  This type of window treatment within the glass reduces heat loss in winter and reduces solar heat in summer. ODL a leader in the design of door glass blinds states, “Privacy and Energy Savings Built into Your Doorglass.” It is Perfect!

This type of window treatment is very versatile. It can be installed in a patio door, french door, half and full door, and side light windows.

For example, a sliding patio door installed with horizontal blinds between glass thermally sealed keeps moisture and humidity out. There are no dangling blinds or cords to keep in place so the look is classic, clean, and safe for children and pets.

For the energy aware, most styles according to the ODL website are available in energy saving LowE glass.

The blinds can be raised, lowered, or tilted for privacy and light by a fingertip control button installed on the window. This is especially needed in areas where it is important to block out streetlights and sun glare.

Are door glass blinds and shades durable?  According to ODL, these glass door blinds are tested for water and air tightness and meet in accordance with industry standards. They are also tested as to durability states ODL, “Doors don’t usually get slammed shut. Since ODL door glass must survive our test of 125,000 slam cycles, you can be assured that it will remain intact when you occasionally slam it shut.” The enclosed blinds and shades are also tested as to durability. “Enclosed blinds are operated 10,000 raise and lower cycles to ensure years of reliable operation,” states ODL.

Doorglass shades and blinds, the perfect window treatment for your home. There are many possibilities and styles to choose from. Become more aquainted with this window treament by contacting us at Home Decor Solutions for a Free-In-Home consultation. We are one click, one call away.

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