Durable Window Coverings for Your Home Wilmington NC
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What is the Most Durable Window Covering for My Home?

One of the most often asked questions, “What are the most durable window coverings for my home?” This is a good question because window coverings are subject to harsh enviroments. They have to withstand direct sunlight, moisture, and extremes in temperature.

If we have a family and pets they also have to stand up to an increased amount of activity and wear and tear. Since most of us only buy window treatments a couple of times during our lifetime, we want to get the best value for our money.

Many will agree that plantation shutters are the first choice when choosing window treatments that are both fashionable and long-lasting. What makes them so durable is the material they are made from, such as solid wood, PVC, or a blend of hardwoods.

Plantation shutters are ideal for high traffic areas and rooms such as the kitchen or bath where they stand up well to moisture, heat, and odors.

One window covering  that fits this description well is Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Poly Satin Shutters. These shutters are made of vinyl and are “sturdy, durable, do not peel, crack, warp, or fade, and capable of withstanding wear, tear, or decay.” Shutters are easy to take care of. They provide protection and privacy for your home. Plantation shutters are a smart investment in your home since they add value and can last as long as your home does.

For those that have an interest in the environmentally friendly materials, natural woven shades and roller shades are a great choice for their style and durability.

Window coverings made from eco-friendly natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, and grasses are generally stronger, washable, and affordable.

For example, Levelor Natural Woven Shades “combine the latest fabrics, textures, and patterns.” These shades are available in a variety of styles and colors such as: Bamboo Essence, color Origami and Rattan Textures, color Banana Leaf.

There are several factors to consider when choosing natural woven fabrics such as temperature, direct sunlight, and humidity.

What are the most durable window coverings for your home? These are just a few of the options available.

Contact us here at Home Decor Solutions and we will help you find the right durable window covering to fit your style and budget. We are just one call, one click away!

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