Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows Wilmington NC
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What Window Treatments are Best for Bay Windows?

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Bay windows can add a lot of curb appeal to a house, while also providing a little extra square footage in the home’s interior. Whether you have a window seat with storage underneath, or use it as an nook for your breakfast table, bay windows let in extra light and add dimension to a room. However, it may be a tough decision determining how to put window treatments on a bay window. There are several options that can help you add a fantastic look to your window.

Before we touch on the window treatments, let’s get a little history lesson. Bay windows have actually been prevalent in houses since the medieval times. The use of the windows were a little different than they are today, though. In fact, the windows had no use at all and were add-ons that were for ornamental value only. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that architects began to use them as a functional part of the home.

Today, bay windows can be found on a wide variety of homes, from ranches to modern architecture. Regardless of the design of your home, let’s find the best window treatments that will work for your bay windows. 

Roman Shades

The function of the room with the bay window may determine the best window treatment for your space. If you’re designing a formal dining room, drapery panels (mentioned below) may be the best option. However, Roman shades are a great choice for your bay window, regardless of the level of formality in your home.

Roman shades can be made from a wide variety of materials and fabrics, and also allow in as much or as little light as you’d like into your room. They are also an extremely functional window treatment that looks just as good pulled up as they do pulled down.

Silk & Drapery Panels

Installing drapery panels of fabric is a very traditional look for bay windows. The panels can be gathered at the edges of the windows to create a cohesive look that can really tie a room together. These panels are most often made from silk or drapery fabric.

The heaviness of your panels will depend on the formality of your room, the level of privacy you’d like, as well as your budget. Panels can be expensive, as there is a lot of fabric involved. However, they are an excellent choice for your bay window, whether it’s a formal sitting room or a casual play room.

Valances & Cornices

Many would argue that valances and cornices are out of style, but bay windows are a great place for either type of window treatments. They can help define the bay window space and showcase the window below it. If you want to have your bay window be a distinct aspect of the room, either valances and cornices are an excellent option. 

General Tips

Whether you choose Roman shades, drapes or a valance, there are a few general tips to keep in mind before installing your window treatment on your bay window:

  • If you choose drapery panels, install them as close to the ceiling as possible to help elongate the room.
  • When outfitting a formal space, consider installing both curtains and shades.
  • Regardless of the type of window treatment you install, the fabric and color should complement the rest of the room, rather than just be a distraction.
  • Before installing any window treatment, consider the amount of light and privacy you’re seeking. Each window treatment allows for varying amounts of both light and privacy.

If you’re considering which type of window treatment is best for your bay window (and your home), feel free to contact Window Coverings of Wilmington. We’ll come over for a personal free in-home consultation to help answer any questions you have regarding your window treatment selection.

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