What's New for Fall in Home Decor? Wilmington NC
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What’s New for Fall in Home Decor?

Fall is a favorite time of year for many of us in the Wilmington area. Summer’s heat is over and the cooler days and evenings of fall invite us back into our homes.

At the home fashion trade show last spring in High Point, North Carolina, High Point Market introduced design trends for fall which will update, freshen up, or change your entire home decor. Here are a few of the latest trends.

Go Green:

Furniture manufacturers are focusing on Eco-friendly materials and conservation of the environment. Eco-friendly materials such as bamboo make a great statement when going green. Bamboo is a material used in flooring, furniture, and window treatments that adds a natural freshness to any home decor.


Everything metallic! Metallic leather couches, metallic fabric in prints and solid colors such a gold, silver, and copper add a rich and modern style to your home.  Add a few accent accessories such as  pillows, vases, and lamps with a metallic flair to bring new life to any room.


Pleats are back!  Sofas, chairs, bedding, and even drapery can be custom designed with pleats to add a bit of nostalgia and interest to any room of your home. Pleats are a unique fashion trend that will set your home apart from the ordinary.


The word glamour means an air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement. This definition is expressed with rich materials such as velvet, lace, and satin used with sophisticated colors and stunning designs that will inspire a new look for any room. A glamorous look can be achieved through fabric design in furniture or window treatments that will add a touch of class and beauty.

As the weather gets cooler, think about updating your home with “what is new for Fall.”

Fall is the perfect time of year to make an impact and showcase your design style with new seasonal colors that welcome family and friends into your home. Contact us here at Home Decor Solutions for a Free-In-Home consultation or stop by our showroom here in Wilmington to see what new Fall designs can be used throughout any area of your home. We are one click, one call away.

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