Window Treatments with the Most Privacy Wilmington NC
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Which Window Treatment Provides the Most Privacy?

While window are a great source of natural light, they also can be nuisances for privacy. Finding the right window treatments for privacy can be tricky – you don’t want to feel like you’re in a fishbowl, letting every prying eye see into your house, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re in a cave by keeping any natural light out.which window covering provides the most privacy?

There are window treatments to help provide proper privacy without feeling like you’re locking the whole world away. Here are some window treatments that provide great privacy. 

Bottom Up Blinds

Traditional Venetian blinds offer a solid amount of privacy when closed; however, if you want to let as much natural light in as you can, while maintaining your privacy, the top-down blinds leave a bit to be desired. When you open them, they reveal the bottom part of your room, which you may want to keep hidden. Bottom-up blinds are the solution; allowing light to come in from the top, rather than the bottom.

These blinds open and close from the bottom up, so if you’re looking for natural light, the part of your room that is revealed is the ceiling rather than the floor. This is a great privacy option if you’re looking to guard your room, but also let in maximum light. 

Top Down/Bottom Up Shades

Similar to the bottom-up shades, this variety allows you both the top-down effect as well as the bottom-up effect. In essence you can have a little of the bottom open and a little of the top revealed without showing your whole room.

If you get these shades in a sheer fabric, you can still let in as much light as you want while keeping your room hidden from view. Anyone from the outside will be able to see your floors or your ceiling and not what’s happening in between. 

Woven Wood Blinds

Woven wood blinds are made of bamboo or another thin wood and usually roll up to the top of the window. When closed, however, they allow adequate light through their weave (depending on how close the weave is) while also providing privacy.

This natural wood look is a modern take on traditional Venetian blinds. If you’re looking to outfit your space with a neutral yet modern window treatment, woven wood blinds are a great option.

Drapes and Curtains

Of these four options, curtains and drapes provide the most privacy, but also will block out the most light in your space. Curtains tend to be of a sheer, lightweight fabric and will provide a muted amount of natural light, while also blocking out the outside eyes.

If you’re looking for the most privacy, regardless of light levels, drapes are your best option. Traditionally made from heavy materials with an inner lining, drapes are designed to block out light, keep heat in, and even block outside noise. All these features create the most private of rooms.

Each of these window treatments will provide you with the privacy you’re looking for in your home. If you’re still unsure as to which would be the best for your space, the team at Window Coverings of Wilmington is here to help. Call us today to set up your free in-home consultation. We’ll help you determine the best option for your privacy needs.Want the insider scoop on which window covering

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