Custom Closets: Great for Small Spaces Wilmington NC
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Why a Custom Closet is Great for a Small Living Space 

Whether you live in a small house, condo, or apartment for necessity or preference, you strive to make the most of what the square footage you do have. Storage solutions in small living spaces require creativity to make them the most they can be. A custom closet is great for a small living space to ensure you’re effectively and efficiently using the available space.

Maximizing the Potential of Your Space

Custom closets tend to be seen as excessive and expensive. But choosing a closet that is custom fit to your limited space will not only ensure you’re using the space effectively, but also fit your exact needs rather than settling for a prefabricated solution. A custom closet, especially in a small living space, should be seen as a necessity rather than a splurge.

Adding a custom closet to your living space maximizes the potential of your home – and your square footage. Rather than struggling to find storage space under beds, in dressers, or even renting out a storage unit, a custom closet can help you use every single inch of available space.

Here are three ways to think about your living space differently and how a custom closet will help you make the most of your small living space.

The Hanging Space

While we all have things to hang, a full closet with a rod spanning the whole space may not be what you need. To more efficiently use the closet space, you can have a split rod, which allows you to have two levels of hanging space. The top for blouses, sweaters, and dress shirts and the bottom half for trousers and skirts.

By utilizing the space underneath the rod, which often ends up being wasted space, a custom closet can easily expand your storage capacity.

The Shelving Space

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Traditional closets usually offer one shelf lining the top section of the closet above the rod. However, that space is customarily badly utilized with bulky sweaters, old shoes, memory boxes and forgotten junk. However, a custom closet can make more of the whole space by installing more shelves to fit your needs.

Whether it’s shoe cubbies, sweater shelves, or drawers for your intimates, a custom closet installer can assess your needs and develop a closet design that will not only hold your hanging clothes, but also increase the amount of space you have for your other articles of clothing. 

Not Just for the Bedroom

Customarily, closets are for the bedroom. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only place you can have a custom closet installed. Kitchen pantries, garages/storage spaces and bathrooms are all areas that could use an upgrade with a custom closet.

From organizing your spices in your kitchen, storing sporting equipment in your storage space and arranging your linens and towels in the bathroom, a custom closet will help you utilize your small space and get the most out of your home.

A custom closet solution for your small living space will bring more than just organization – it will bring a sense of peace and comfort that allows everything you own to have a place. Rather than struggling to find the space, a custom closet maximizes your closet’s potential by using the available space to the best of its ability.

To see how you can maximize your closet’s space, Wilmington Closet Company can help you assess your living space, help you determine your needs, and provide a solution to your storage issues.

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