Why Should I Get Plantation Shutters? Wilmington NC
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Why Should I Get Plantation Shutters?

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When considering window treatments for your house, you have a lot of options to choose from—blinds, drapes, curtains, and, of course, plantation shutters. Here are some things to consider when deciding if you should get plantation shutters for your interior window treatments.

Their History

Plantation shutters are classic. They have a certain appeal that brings a touch of tradition to your home. Brought over to the Americas by the Spanish, their style gained much popularity on plantations in the South, hence their name. Shutters, however, have long been used and date back as far as ancient Greece.

Known for their elegance and sophistication, plantation shutters continue to be used around the country to furnish houses both grand and small. If you’re looking to create a home that is modern, yet classic, plantation shutters carry with them that history.

Their Location

Plantation shutters can fit into any room, yet they are most popular in the kitchen areas and bathrooms. Since they provide ample light and are flexible in creating varying levels of privacy, plantation shutters are an excellent choice in areas in which you feel those things are important.

One aspect of plantation shutters that can make a difference is the louver size, which is the size of the planks that make up the shutter. If you’re furnishing a large room with higher ceilings, a three and a half inch louver size is ideal. This larger slat allows for more light yet also fits into the larger room. If you’re outfitting a room that is smaller in size, or has normal or low ceilings, the traditional two and a half inch louver size will work.

Whether you’re thinking to install plantation shutters in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, be sure to consider the room’s size and ceiling height prior to installation.

Your Privacy & Light Levels

Another important factor to consider is the level of privacy and light you’d like in your space. Bathrooms and bedrooms require more privacy than kitchens and living rooms, yet a light and airy kitchen is usually desired. Plantation shutters, especially custom shutters, are ideal.

If you’re looking for light and privacy control, consider a dual level shutter. This shutter is split in the middle allowing you to open the upper portion for light while keeping the lower half closed for privacy. Or rather than having the dual level, install a divider rail down the vertical middle in order to control the level of light and privacy with a flick of the wrist.

Your Curb Appeal & Interior Design

Besides privacy and light control, plantation shutters help you create a cohesive look throughout your home while also helping with your curb appeal. From the outside, when your interior lights are on, those on the street will be able to see your plantation shutters perfectly uniform in your windows. Your house will shine from the street.

The inside of your house will also have a cohesive look. However, keep in mind that plantation shutters do tend to make your space bottom heavy. One thing drapes and curtains do is pull the eye upward, whereas plantation shutters tend to draw the eye downward. As you’re considering plantation shutters, consider your entire room, rather than just the window treatments.

As you’re deciding whether plantation shutters are the right fit for your home, call Window Coverings of Wilmington. They can come out to your house for a free consultation to help you determine the best options of your needs.

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