Why Have a Professional Install My Blinds? Wilmington NC
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Why Should I Have a Professional Install My Blinds?

Installing blinds and window treatments tend to be thought of as a Do-It-Yourself project. Many make their way to the Big Box Superstore to find the blinds that seem to fit their needs. However, not only can blinds be difficult to install, but also there oftentimes is a much wider selection of blinds options than any big box store can provide.135a

Here are three reasons why you should have a professional install your blinds.

Determine the Right Window Solution

When shopping for blinds and window treatments, it’s important you have as many options as you can, so you can make an informed decision. A professional cannot only help you see all the options, but also help you determine what window solution is best for your space.

Blinds aren’t just Venetian or vertical anymore; the selection of blinds has grown over the years. Now, you can even get blinds that are controlled by remote control. Consulting a professional can help you evaluate which set of blinds is right for your space and your window shape.

Get a Custom Fit

Big box stores don’t account for custom-size windows. Store-bought blinds will fit standard window sizes only and may not have the ability to adjust to your specifications. A professional installer will be able to find the best blinds solution for your window’s unique size.

Custom blinds sound expensive, and perhaps excessive, but they don’t have to be. Finding blinds that properly fit your window will not only provide the privacy you’re looking for, but also help tie the entire room together.

Ensure Correct Installation

The most important component to consider when putting up new window treatments is the installation. While it may not be the most complicated process, there are ways in which it can go wrong.

Hiring a professional to install your blinds will give you peace of mind that your window treatments are installed correctly and will be able to withstand years of use. If you’re considering motorized shades, a professional installer will know exactly how to properly connect them to enable them to run smoothly.

While the investment of professional installation may be a bit more than installing the blinds on your own, the pay off will be worth it. A professional installer will help you determine the perfect window solution for your space, customize the blinds for your window’s size, and ensure the blinds are installed correctly.

If you have any additional questions as to whether a professional installation is right for your new blinds, contact Window Coverings of Wilmington today for your free consultation.

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