Why Use Awnings? Wilmington NC
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Why Use Awnings?

This year summer officially begins June 21st. With summer approaching, many are concerned with saving both energy and money.

One solution to saving money during these warmer months is to plant some trees. The USDA Forest Service states, ” Trees properly placed around a building can reduce air conditioning needs by 30%. Cooling costs are reduced in a well shaded home.” The only problem with this solution is waiting till the trees mature enough to make an economic impact! What else can be done now to prepare for summer?

 Awnings installed on your home will have direct economic benefits.

Why use awnings?

1. Energy Saving

2. Expand Your Living Space

3. Protects Family, Pets, and Furnishings From Sun

4. Curb Appeal

5. Add Value To Your Home

A recent study from PAMA ( Professional Awning Manufacturers Association) shows fabric awnings “can save homeowners several hundred dollars annually by reducing load on air conditioning depending where the home is located, number of windows and location of windows.” Energy.gov website mentions, “Awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by 55-65% on south facing windows and 72-77% on west facing windows.”

Awnings are durable, long-lasting, made with synthetic fabrics, acrylic and poly vinyl laminates. Awnings made with these fabrics are water repellent, treated to resist mildew and fading.

SunSetter Awnings offer top of the line manual and motorized awnings available in woven acrylic fabric in colors such as Wheat, Pecan, and Merlot.

Sunbrella offers fabric in 150 styles and colors to compliment your Wilmington home’s exterior. Some popular colors are Aquamarine, Jockey Red and a striped fabric, Chocolate Chip Fancy.

Awnings can be installed to operate inside or outside your home with motorized or hand crank control options. Retractable window and porch awnings are a good choice because they provide complete coverage from sun and rain, while also providing  privacy and can retract to let just the right amount of sun in.

So when planning for the summer months, plant a tree to help the environment and install awnings to help save on your energy bills. Contact us here at Home Decor Solutions Inc. for a Free-In -Home consultation to help you select the right awnings for immediate economic benefits. We are one click, one call away.

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