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Why Wilmington Homebuyers Love Retractable Awnings

benefits of retractable awnings


When most people think of window awnings, they think of  weather protection, but the benefits of retractable awnings extend far beyond that! Retractable awnings are especially useful in the Wilmington, NC, area. Here are a few ways awnings are helpful and what makes retractable the way to go:

Awnings Enhance Appearance

Homeowners most often choose awnings to improve the look of their home. There are nearly endless options of pattern and style, so awnings are an easy way to enhance the architectural design of your home. In some cases, installing awnings can even translate into a higher home resale value.

Awnings Can Save Money

Window awnings beat the heat summer while helping you save on monthly utilities. A window without an awning costs you more; heat penetrates the glass, making your air conditioner work harder. An awning shades the window, reducing the amount of heat trapped inside.

Awnings Increase Living Space

Awnings provide the comfort of home in the open space of your backyard. You’ll love hosting guests and family outside as summer days fade to twilight. A large awning provides more protection from wind, sun, and the elements, so it’s good to consult with a professional to make sure you choose the best size for your space.

Awnings Protect From the Elements

We love the sun, but unfortunately, those powerful rays damage patio furniture.  Awnings can help cut back on the UV invasion. Wilmington gets nearly five feet of rain annually, and landscaping under your windows can be flooded out.  An awning can be a great way to deflect rainwater and protect your garden. Rain and moisture can also break down the seals of your window frames, and an awning can help protect from this damage as well.

Retractable Awnings for Your Wilmington Home

Retractable awnings provide a variety of aesthetic options without a huge commitment. Switching out fabrics is easier than removing and installing a new stationary awning. Whether you want shade and shelter or sun and exposure; you can have your way at any time. Retractable awnings also last longer than their stationary counterparts; just pull in your retractable awning during freezing weather to extend its life.

Retractable awnings definitely enhance a deck or patio area, both with style and practicality.  Installing one will extend your home beyond the limits of your walls.

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