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Your Wilmington Kitchen Wants a New Pantry

kitchen pantry wilmington

Do you need more storage? Many Wilmington homeowners will say “yes.” Whether your kitchen has potential space for a large walk-in, or just a tiny bit to squeeze in a pantry, your favorite room in the house may be overdue for a modest renovation. Are you looking to upgrade and organize your Wilmington kitchen pantry? We’ve got a few great ideas to help you create your perfect storage space!

Shelving for Your Wilmington Kitchen Pantry

Your current shelving may be ‘okay.’ But think for a minute: how would it feel to switch out your current shelving to something new and fresh? Better? We thought so too.  Our favorite options are either wire or laminate shelving. Wire shelving is versatile and easy to install. Laminate shelving is strong and easy to keep clean. Looking to add a pop of color? You can paint just the inner shelves a bright accent color.

If you’re looking to create just the right pantry for your unique space, please take advantage of our design services. Whether you live in Leland, Kure Beach, or even Southport and beyond, we can offer you help in designing exactly the right pantry – and help you choose the materials that will work best for your situation.

Organize Your Pantry for Convenience

Keeping your pantry items organized is frustrating when nothing has a set place. Sure, if you have a large walk-in pantry your options are endless. But if you’re trying to make the most of a small closet-style pantry, your options are much more limited. When you open the door, boxes and cans get pushed to – well, wherever they fit. The constant mess can leave you frustrated and overwhelmed, wondering, “How do I know what to put on my grocery list?” Once you have an organization system in place, you will save yourself that frustration.

Here’s a great tip: keep the things you rarely use on the highest shelves and the things you use most often in easy-to-reach areas. Maybe you have children that rummage through the pantry to grab cereal or snacks. If you keep those items stored lower in the pantry, the cereal and snacks are more likely to be put back where they belong! Finally, if space is at a premium, place heavy and bulky items on the floor so your shelves are clear for smaller items.

If you have chosen a wire shelving system for your pantry, maybe you’re worried about smaller items falling through the cracks. Here’s an easy solution: rectangular clear-view open storage containers can prevent smaller items from being lost. These bins can make sorting easy too if you color code them. Use colorful tape: for example, place sauce mix packets in a green-tagged bin, and your spice jars into a blue one. As a bonus, you can let your little ones help keep things tidy by organizing by color.

Want to dream up a new space for your Wilmington kitchen pantry? We can help with that! Give us a call – or fill out the contact form and a knowledgeable representative will reach out to you to offer assistance.

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