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Have a Nursery Closet that Grows with Baby

wilmington nursery closets

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the anticipation before a new baby arrives. Whether they are adopting or giving birth, expecting parents want the best for the new addition to the family. Adorable outfits, colorful toys, charming books, the best of supplies pile up quickly, and a well-organized nursery closet can be a big advantage in helping the early days go smoothly.

However, as their little one grows, many parents find that the closet that worked so well for a nursery no longer fits the needs of a preschooler or preteen. We’ve got some great suggestions for your to make sure you design a nursery closet that fits now – and in the many years beyond.

Wilmington Nursery Closet Solutions

When your child is an infant, there are dozens of coordinating outfits to organize, and many parents are frustrated at how quickly space runs out in the nursery closet. Creating a workable closet space with a wire closet system can be the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship with your kid’s storage space. In the first year or two, you can hang three rows of shelves with built-in rods. This will create plenty of space for hanging clothes, and in time as your child grows, you can remove a shelf and reposition the other two.

Storage bins or boxes are also a wonderful way to store small items that come with the baby territory. Rattles and teethers, diapers, bottles, wipes – all these items seem to spread everywhere in the home, and they’re so easy to lose. A row of bins lined up on a wire closet shelf can bring order to an otherwise chaotic life.

Many parents love the look and practicality of wood closet systems combined with wire closet systems because it can offer the best of both worlds. While wire closet racks are easy to rearrange either vertically or horizontally, wood systems offer options like drawers and permanent storage bases. These bases can be designed to place attractive wicker storage boxes or giving your toddler and preschooler a place to put their own toys and shoes as they get older.

If it’s time for you to update a nursery closet, remember we can help. Though our showroom is in Wilmington, we are happy to travel to Leland, Southport, Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach, and other surrounding towns to help you plan the perfect storage for your closet. Contact us today!
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