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Making Your Wilmington Patio Look Great for Summer

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Summer is almost here! Now is the time to start planning for weekend pool parties, grilling out, and having friends over. Time to crack open all those windows, let in some fresh air, and think of a couple ideas for a spring refresh of your Wilmington patio room. Here are a few tips to make your soiree better, your guests more comfortable, and have a fabulous space to make the party of the summer happen!

Easy Room Upgrades

Set the atmosphere for relaxing, refreshing time with your friends!

Ceiling fans are the number one wish for those without one in their patio room. Although opening windows helps, there is not always a breeze. The cooling power of a nice quiet fan is essential for parties when lots of people are mingling and talking. You will find it useful too if you use your room as a yoga retreat or exercise room.

Often parties will start in the afternoon and keep on going late into the evening. If your guests don’t leave, you know it’s the sign of a good party! But as we know, lit rooms have no privacy at night. Although one of the most appealing features of a 3-season room is the view outside, at night we become the view. To prevent this, add motorized shades that will open unobtrusively during the day and close conveniently at night.

Comfortable Guests 

Guaranteed to make you known for your hospitality!

Fill a cute basket with outdoor essentials that your guests probably forgot: sunscreen, bug spray, band-aids, fun sun hats, and even sunglasses. Keep these items easily accessible, leaving a note that guests are free to use. They won’t have to feel awkward demanding your attention, or wondering if it’s ok to borrow those Raybans!

Are you inviting friends who have never met before? Icebreaker games are an easy way to get everyone talking! Search the internet for thousands of ideas, or make up one of your own!

More and more people are on special diets due to allergies, health, and lifestyle improvements. Of course, you already know who can eat what, but do your guests know? For buffet style eating, use place cards (which can be found at any craft store or online) to let guests know that this is a vegan or gluten free dish – or that the cake contains nuts. Your guests will be happy to leave the special tray for those with a selective diet. Those with dietary restrictions will be thankful they can clearly identify and avoid problem foods.

While we at Home Decor Solutions don’t have a photo booth or place cards for your next party – but we would love to help you find the perfect blinds for your 3-season room. Bamboo shades, solar shades, and even traditional slatted shades made from weatherproof PVC are available. Stop by our showroom, and we can find the best blinds for your situation. We can’t wait to host you here!

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