Your Wilmington NC Smart Home
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Trends in Technology – Making Them Work at Home

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Want a Wilmington smart home? Just imagine this: your alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m. and your coffee immediately starts brewing. Your water heater received a signal at 5 a.m. to fire up, so your shower is piping hot. Your car accesses your calendar and knows the best route to take to work. At 7 a.m., you’re running a few minutes behind, so a text is automatically sent to the appropriate parties. En route to work, your thermostat and motorized blinds drop to save on energy costs. Before you get home, your thermostat turns the air conditioning on again. As you walk into your bedroom to retire for the night, your bed pulls back its sheets so you can get in comfortably.

Ok, maybe not that last one.

But seriously, smart homes are increasing in popularity – and as technology develops, this type of home becomes more and more of a reality for everyone. Here are a few ways that your home here in Wilmington can raise its IQ. You’ll be surprised at all that’s possible.

Smart Home Touch Panels

A few years ago, smartphones and tablets were the way to manage smart devices at home, but dedicated touch panels are coming back. One main reason is that a smartphone or tablet will juggle lots of functions, whereas touch panels are designed to do one job – and do it well. Newer touch panels are also larger and use full color, providing lots of information at the same time.

Smart Home Motorized Shades

smart home blindsHome Décor Solutions has written about motorized shades before, and for good reason. People appreciate their safety, ease of use, and convenience. Standard shades and blinds can be difficult to wrangle – perhaps your windows span an entire wall or are curved, or are exceptionally tall (lucky you). Besides, cords are a well-documented in-home danger (and can be an eyesore). Motorized shades and blinds eliminate all these issues.

smart home thermostatSmart Home Thermostats

Smart thermostats are already quite popular. These controls are much simpler to use than a standard thermostat and can already be connected to your smartphone or tablet. With energy costs surging, they are a great way to manage your home expenses – even when you’re not at home.

Smart Home Security

Home security systems have progressively developed over the years to provide more support for homeowners. In the past, security systems set off an alarm loud enough to alert the entire neighborhood of a burglary. Soon, security systems were integrated with local emergency response teams, allowing homeowners to protect themselves and their belongings when it wasn’t possible to make a phone call. Cameras were added to these systems to enhance safety and provide evidence when legal issues arise. Now smart home security systems can integrate with other features like lighting and blinds. This gives more security because it always appears that someone is home – even if there isn’t anyone there.

Smart Home Sound Systems

smart home soundHome theater used to mean a monstrosity of a TV and space-eating speakers connected by more wires than the telephone pole outside your house. Good riddance to those days! Home sound systems now are connected wirelessly. Satellite speakers can be adjusted if you decide to change up the living room arrangement. If you have a dedicated space for home entertainment, wireless speakers can also be built into the walls. You can decide where in the home your (or someone else’s) music will be heard and can control it all through your smartphone or tablet.

Your House-Wide Web of Appliances

Technology is trending toward connecting every device in your home – such as the imaginary (but possibly soon to be reality) scene described at the beginning. This includes everything from cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lighting, wearable devices and other electronics and appliances. Using voice control systems like Siri, Google Home, Alexa, and others, you can tell your home what to do, and several devices will work together to make your day more convenient.

Why You Should Make Your Home Smart

Many smart home devices were delivered in 2016 – 80 million, in fact – so smart homes are becoming the new normal. As technology becomes more practical, you’ll have an endless amount of ways to add convenience to your home – without losing that homey feel. So why not get started now?

Whether its installing motorized shades, smart thermostats, automatic light switches and dimmers, or voice-activated controls for all of the above, Home Décor Solutions has your smart home needs covered. As a certified smart home consultant, ask us about our Lutron Shades and Smart Home Consulting Services. The new convenience and comfort of your smart home is a phone call away.

There are days where we forget things, there are days where we are so busy that we take shortcuts, and there are just those days. Home automation makes life easier to manage – no matter what kind of day it is. Control your lights, shades, thermostat, security cameras, and music from anywhere – home or away. Reduce your energy bills, keep an eye on the kids when they arrive from school, and get all the different parts of your home life working together. If you make your home work for you, you won’t have to work so hard at keeping it feeling like home.

Smart homes aren’t the future. They’re now! Contact us to get started today.

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