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Four Fun Themes for Your First Wilmington Summer Party

Summer is just around the corner, and in Wilmington, that means throwing a fun outdoor summer party! Are you looking to plan a fun party for friends but you don’t want to go with a generic barbecue theme? We’ve got some great ideas to inspire you!

Moroccan Dinner

An intimate Moroccan-themed dinner can be a memorable occasion for you and your guests. You’ll enjoy the bright colors, vivid spices, and the fun of sitting on the floor! Start by setting the scene: cover a coffee table or folding table that has adjustable legs with brightly-colored silky fabric. Set the table with centerpieces of bright pink blooms, place a tower of clementines on a pedestal, and create table runners of various bright colors and lay them perpendicular across the short side of the table. Instead of chairs, lay out cushions on the floor where your guests can recline. If you host this party on your enclosed or partially enclosed patio and want to enhance the feel of your space, we have options for your window decor that can coordinate with your theme.

Moroccan meals are a unique adventure of flavor! Traditional cuisine can feature seasoned olives, lamb, apricot, almonds, saffron, and couscous. Do a bit of research online and plan a delightful feast – maybe savory finger foods for appetizers, followed by a tagine you can eat with your hands!

The final touches include traditional music and string lights or tiki torches for evening ambiance.  Besseha! (cheers!)

A Night at the Movies

For a night of family fun, you can’t go wrong with a movie night in your backyard. You’ll need a movie projector of some sort, a projector screen, (you can rent these or create your own with a white bedsheet) and a DVD player. For extra fun, rent a popcorn machine and set up a candy bar for your guests. Have your guests bring their own lawn chairs or blankets and pillows. For extra fun, you can even have kids create their own drive-in automobile by decorating a cardboard box. They’ll love to sit in their “car” and watch the movie!

Your neighbors will appreciate being invited if you don’t mind them attending, and it’s a good idea to keep the movie family-friendly so as not to disrupt the neighborhood parents.

Make sure to provide a basket of flashlights and bug spray for your guests’ enjoyment, and have a night at the movies to remember!

Flamingo Flashback Party

If you love a bit of 50’s diner inspired rock-and-roll, you’ll love this fun spin on a retro summer party. Take the expected black-and-white checkerboard decor and jazz it up with splashes of green and pink, and decorate your yard with fun flamingos. Have your guests dress in 50s-inspired clothing, play retro games, and listen to some rock-and-roll on the jukebox! Everyone will be sure to have a good time.

Yard Games

For many people, parties can be difficult because there isn’t always much to do instead of chit-chat with other guests. Beat them to the punch by supplying nearly endless entertainment for the evening. A summer party is perfect for this theme: set up your patio and lawn with a variety of game stations. You could try: giant Jenga, corn hole game, an oversized word search on a large chalkboard, a photo area with props, ring toss, even hopscotch! Keep the guests moving around with smaller tables set up as food stations. Your party will be busy with action, and your guests will be glad to be constantly entertained!

Your Wilmington Summer Party

We hope these themes get your ideas flowing for a few memorable evenings this summer. If you need to plan a fun party and would like to give your patio a fresh facelift, we can help you out with your decor. We offer so many options for your patio or porch windows, including blinds, shades, shutters, and curtains in fresh and fun prints. Stop in to see us, or let us come to you! We’re happy to provide a free in-home consultation to all of our customers in the Wilmington area.

Have a great time!

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