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6 Unique Ways to Hang Your Curtains

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Everyone wants to make their house feel like a home. Sometimes that means taking traditional decorating methods and throwing them out the window, so to speak. Are you looking for a fun and unexpected way to hang curtains in your Wilmington home? We’ve got six unique ideas you might like to try!

Antique door knobs: One of the best places to look for these quirky yet stylish pieces is antique shops or thrift stores. If you find enough that match, great; but remember, this look is really fun when the knobs are mismatched as well! Just attach the doorknobs evenly above the window, and hang tab-top curtains right over each knob. Or you can tie curtains to the knobs with ribbon or fabric ties.

Spoons: Visit any flea market and you’ll undoubtedly find at least one booth with bins full of silver and stainless steel spoons in intricate designs. Use pliers to bend the utensils in the shape of an S-hook, and fasten to the window frame. They make great hardware for kitchen curtains, and are a great unique way to hang curtains.

Belts: If you want a rustic or western theme, use leather belts with interesting buckles. Find these at your local thrift store and use them as tabs for your curtains. First, trim them to the proper length, then loop them through your curtain tabs and over the rod. For extra fun, you can try attaching horseshoes to the space above the window, and hang the belt loops on these. Or, simply use a shortened belt as a curtain tieback.

Drawer pulls. Easy to find at any home improvement store, drawer pulls come in a huge variety of styles and shapes. Use them in much the same way you would the door knobs. Simply loop the tab top curtain over each drawer pull or use fabric or ribbon ties. You can even match the hardware on your kitchen cabinets for a put-together look.

Rope: For rooms with a nautical, natural, animal, or other fitting theme, window treatments can be jazzed up a bit with hemp rope rods. These are easy and inexpensive ways to hang your curtains that bring a lot of fun to the room. First, install two eye lag screws to each side of the window in the same place you’d install hanging hardware. Then, feed the rope through the curtains. With enough length at each end, feed the ends of the rope through the eye lag screw, knot each end, and trim off any excess.

Tree Branch: Another fun way to hang a curtain that will bring a lot of visual appeal is using a tree branch for a rod. Whether you choose to paint the branch or leave the look au naturel, be sure to sand the part of the branch that the curtain will hang upon for easier sliding.

Not Into Do-It-Yourself? We’re Here for You.

We hope you are inspired by our unique ways to hang curtains. Some of us have an urge to DIY our home decor projects – others want to get the look done just right, with as little trouble as possible. For those in the second group, may we recommend our beautiful hardware and helpful installation services? At Home Decor Solutions, a local Wilmington company, we’re always looking out for ways to help you make your house a home.

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