Window Coverings to Help You Sleep Wilmington, NC
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Window Covering Options to Help You Sleep

Many people have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.  With so much going on these days, there are many factors that can affect sleep.  Maybe you’re worried with negative news of the economy or possibly pressures from work or family.  Some people have trouble sleeping simply because their bedroom is not a particularly conducive place for sleep.

There are several things that people can do to create a better sleep environment.

The most important step is to start by making changes to your bedroom.  Make sure that it is cool, dark, quiet, and comfortable. There are actually window treatments that are available to help in these areas. These coverings actually prevent heat gain, while also blocking the majority of the light filtering in through the window.

These traits help to make them excellent choices for bedrooms. Some examples of these types of shades are Cellular Shades (also known as Honeycomb Shades), Roller Shades, Draperies, or other types of shades with blackout liner included, such as Woven Woods or Roman Shades.

Because light can disrupt a person’s sleep, there are options you should consider when purchasing new window coverings for the bedroom.

There are several different light-blocking features that can enhance room darkening with your new treatments.
–  Add a blackout/privacy liner. Examples of these types of shades are bamboo shades, drapery panels, or roman shades.  Blackout liners are for people with young children and also for those who work nights and need to sleep during the day.

–  Add decorative cloth tapes to blinds, rather than having string ladders. This is usually seen on a wood or faux wood blind.  The cloth tapes are decorative, so they help to add an accent color that corresponds to our room.  You can also choose blinds that are routeless, rather than a blind that has holes.

– Add blackout/room darkening cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades. These block light while also adding insulation.  You can even add side rails to block any light that may seep in through the sides if you want practically no light at all.

– Add draperies to obstruct any light gaps that occur between your current window covering and the wall.  An added bonus to this option is that you can change the panels whenever you want to change the look of the room.  There are literally thousands of colors and patterns to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect drapery panels to match your home décor tastes.

– Add motorized window treatments that are programmable. This type of window covering allows you to set the timer to open and close your treatments at any specific time you choose, whether it is drapery panels, roller shades, or cellular shades.

By following one or more of the above options, you are sure to finally get that restful sleep you’ve been hoping for. Call one of our knowledgeable consultants to view these sleep promoting products today!

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