Are Your Drapery Rods Secure? Wilmington NC
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Window Safety Month: Are Your Drapery Rods Secure?

This week we wrap up our three-week series on Window Safety Month. We’ve already discussed how to determine if your window treatments are safe and what cord cleats are. This week, we’ll finish the series to help you determine whether your drapery rods are secured properly.

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Drapery rods may seem like an innocuous household item or a functional design element, but if they’re not installed correctly, they can be hazardous. One pull from an innocent child can cause improperly installed drapes to collapse, causing harm to those around.

Here are some things that keep in mind when installing your drapery rods.

Assess the Weight

Heavy drapes can weigh up to 30 pounds, if not more.  Assessing the weight of your installation prior to drilling in your first screw can help ensure your drapes will be installed correctly. If you’ve chosen your drapes before your rod, make sure that any rod system you purchase can withstand the weight of the drapes.

If you’re installing lightweight curtains, you’re fine to install any lightweight drapery rod. However, when you install a full set of heavy drapes, including a liner or blackout blind behind the drape, your rod system must be able to withstand the weight.

A tell-tale sign that your drapes are too heavy for the rod is if the rod is bowing in the middle. Your rod should remain straight regardless of the drapes’ weight. If you do notice the rod is bowing, it’s time to purchase a new rod as soon as possible to make sure it doesn’t collapse.

Another sign your drapes aren’t secure is if the rod is pulling away from the wall. Look closely at where the rod meets the wall; if the fixture is at all pulling away, it’s time for a new installation, especially an installation using drywall anchors.

Use Drywall Anchors

Regardless of the weight of your drapes, proper installation will give you the peace of mind that they’re properly secured in place. Drywall anchors allow the screws to fit into the wall safely and tightly.

When installing your drapery rods with drywall anchors, use a drill bit that is a little smaller than you’d think you’d need. By fitting the drywall anchor into a tight hole, it will properly hold the screw without wiggling around. A snug fit ensures the drywall anchor and screw are not going anywhere when the weight of the rod and drapes are placed on it.

Proper installation of your drapes and the drapery rods can help save you time and money in the future. But it also allows you peace of mind for the children in your life to play safely and securely around your drapes without the threat of the drapes falling or being ripped from the wall.

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