Window Treatments for Small Windows Wilmington NC
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Window Treatments for Small Windows

Most homes and apartments have small windows. Since small windows can be unique in themselves, the first question is, should they be covered at all?

If the small window is set high on the wall, this is probably not a good idea. However, there are other small windows such as the entryway, the kitchen, or the bath that must be considered. Decorative ideas for these windows must be in proportion to the size and location of the window.

There are several options in window treatments that can make the small window charming and imaginatively interesting. One of the simplest ways of dressing the small window is to use a roman shade set within the architrave. Adding a contrasting striped fabric around the edges of the shade makes for a bold statement and helps to define the window.

Shades can look just as attractive hung outside the window frame, which draws more attention to the window treatment and less on the window itself. Shades are a good choice for the small window because they are easy to open and do not block the available light.

Small windows often look attractive with sill-length curtains, however they are certainly not limited to this design, depending on the size and location of the window.

The small window usually requires one drapery panel, which can be pulled back or held back in the day and released at night for privacy. Unlined draperies work especially well in combination with a shade or shutter, adding a depth of design and color.

Grommet style drapes are ideal for the small window. If using a decorative rod, make sure it is thin enough to carry the weight and depth of the drapery.

When choosing fabric for the drapery or curtain, the general rule for small windows is to avoid heavy or overly ornate fabrics such as velvet, wool or embossed cottons. Light and airy fabric, fresh patterns, and a soft light lining can really enhance the window and create a welcoming and cheerful appearance both inside and outside the home.

The characteristics of the small window make them interesting and unique. When we dress them up with the right wndow coverings, they add to our home’s unique style. At Home Decor Solutions we can help you design the right window treatment for your small windows and every window in your home. We offer Free-In-Home consultations. We are one click, one call away.

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