Window Treatments Save Money Wilmington NC
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Window Treatments Save Money & Add Beauty

Winter months are cold here in Wilmington. On the average the coolest month is January. In fact according to some records the lowest recorded temperature in Wilmington was zero degrees in 1989.

With these colder months,  keeping warm and saving money is a priority.  Which window treatments will give you the best of both worlds, add beauty, and save you money?

The answer to this question is important when you consider the fact that heat is attracted to cold and will escape through a window on a cold day. In a single family home, there can be a 25-35% heat loss through the windows, which translates into an increase in energy use and higher energy bills.

Here are a few window treatment energy saving options:

1. Draperies: Draperies provide an excellent barrier against heat escaping from your home. However, conventional drapes can reduce heat loss by only about 105 or so. To be energy smart , use thermal lined drapes to block out the cold. These type of drapes work especially well in rooms with multiple windows or very large windows.

Thermal lined drapes are conventional drapes with a foam thermal backing made of a cotton polyester blend. Thermal lined drapes help keep the inside temperature more consistent and comfortable, while offering privacy and helping with sound reduction. Thermal lined insulated drapes add beauty to any room and save you money. Look for Kathy Ireland Home by Alta thermal lined insulated drapes in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

2. Shades: The web site says, “shades when properly installed, can be of the simplest and most effective window treatments for saving energy. The most energy efficient shades feature honeycomb construction.”

The honeycomb construction is superior because it is a layered design that traps air in individual cells. Cellular shades designed with a reflective white side that faces out and a darker color on the interior of the shade provide a greater insulating effect. Elite honeycomb cellular shades are “tailor fit to windows of all sizes including specialty windows.” This will improve the energy efficiency in your home.

So be prepared for winter by choosing window treatments that will lower your energy bills, add beauty, and improve the comfort of your home. Now is the time to contact us here at Home Decor Solutions for a Free-In-Home consultation to view all the options that will provide savings for your family. We are one click, one call away.

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