Energy Saving Window Treatments Wilmington NC
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Winterize your Home with Energy Saving Window Treatments

The word window from the Norse literally means “eye of the house through which the wind enters” and enter it does, especially during the winter months.

Since heat is attracted to cold and will escape through a window on a cold night, in a single family home there can be a 25% to 35% heat loss through the windows.

This heat loss translates into an increase in energy use and energy bills. One authority stated that “selected window treatments can reduce energy use in your home and are less expensive than purchasing new energy efficient windows.”

What window coverings will help you winterize your home, save money, energy, and will highlight your own personal style?

There are some factors to consider before deciding which window treatment will work best for your needs.

It is important to consider the type and location of your windows, your need for ventilation, and light control.

Drapes and honeycomb shaped shades or any combinations of the two are products that can meet these needs while also reducing energy loss.

A drapery’s ability to prevent heat loss depends on several factors: the type of material, if it is closed weave (velvet) or an open weave (linen) or if the draperies are lined, and how they are hung.

For better energy savings, drapes that are hung as close to a window as possible falling onto a sill or the floor will keep cold air from flowing out from under them and provide the best coverage.

In winter keep draperies closed at night, reducing heat loss from a warm room up to 10%.

Hunter Douglas an “industry leader in making a big energy savings difference at the window” has designed Duette Honeycomb shades which uses ”air pockets that trap air and create an extra layer of insulation allowing for a more comfortable room setting.”

Our goal here at Home Décor Solutions is to help you winterize your home with a high quality, high style window fashion and save you money. We are just one click, one call away.

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