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The Worst Window Treatments for Dogs

worst window treatments for dogs

After buying a house, you take your time to make feel like home by making careful décor choices. Your dog’s feedback is likely not involved in those decisions, but based on the experience of other dog owners, you can find out what does and doesn’t work for pups. Here is a short list of the worst window treatments for dogs. After all, he’s a member of the family, and you want what’s best for everyone, don’t you?

Aluminum Blinds

One bent slat ruins the remaining blinds — like that one stray hair that won’t stay in place. You likely can’t see outside through aluminum blinds because the slats are so thin. Remember, if you need to pull on the slats to see out, your dog will want to do the same, but he will do so with much less care.

Corded Blinds

Cords present a few different problems. Did you know that dogs can learn to open blinds on their own? It’s amazing! Just by watching you, he may be able to learn by trial and error how to open the window blind. If he really wants to see outside, he may try it.

A more concerning issue with corded blinds is safety. The same principles that apply to protecting small children also apply to pets. Sweet, curious dogs can become entangled in the slats and cords, as you see in this video. It may seem a bit funny to some, but in truth, it’s quite dangerous for our furry friends.

Fabric Window Treatments

Dog owners know the story: your pup loves the couch, and though you may not want him there, he often jumps up. Then, the sofa bears the memory of his visit – it looks furry! You know that fabric is a magnet for dog hair.  Low-hanging drapes, puddled drapes, and other window treatments with fabric components will attract all of that hair. Cleaning window treatments can be a chore as it is, so avoid these types of treatments if you have a dog.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and you may find that on this list of worst window treatments for dogs, you’ve found a way to make them work. If you’re looking for new window treatments and want to choose beautiful shades or blinds that work well, we’d be happy to guide you to the right choice.

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